Breeding Dominant Genes To Co-dominant Genes

Reptile Genetics | Breeding Dominant Genes To Co-dominant Genes

Offspring Produced From Breeding Dominant Genes To Co-dominant Genes

Breeding Homozygous To Homozygous (2 different genes)

In this example we are going to breed an Albino Ball Python to an Axanthic Ball Python. We will code the Albino with the letters "aa" and the Axanthic with the letters "xx":

Reptile Genetics | Breeding Homozygous To Homozygous

Hmmm... This time the results show us that we get 100% of SOMETHING. But, what is it? No two of the same letters can be found in any of the squares. So, the offspring is neither Albino or Axanthic. This is what we call Double Heterozygous. So, what we have produced here is a clutch of offspring, which have the appearance of a normal Ball Python, but they are Double Het for Albino and Axanthic. So, when we breed two Homozygous animals together with 2 different genes, 100% of the offspring will be Double Heterozygous (recessive) for both of the genes, but will not display the visual characteristics of either gene.

Breeding Dominant To Co-dominant

In the next example, we will breed a Spider Ball Python (Dominant) to a Pastel Ball Python (Co-dominant). Neither of these genes are recessive alleles, so we will code the Spider with the letters "NS" and the Pastel with the letters "NP".

Reptile Genetics | Breeding Dominant Genes To Co-dominant Genes

Now we seem to be getting a bit more variety in our offspring. What we have produced here is, 25% normal Ball Pythons, 25% Spider Ball Pythons, 25% Pastel Ball Pythons and 25% "Bumblebees". A Bumblebees is produced when a visual Pastel and a visual Spider show up in the same animal. In this example, Bumblebees would be the most desirable offspring we could hope for in this clutch.


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Aug 2017
Novalar says...

Good article!

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Definitely everything you need to know about snakes right here......ths site is amazing!

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