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Live Reptile Purchases

Payment Plans

Payment plans, deposits and terms are handled on a case by case basis. We cannot guarantee that we will always be able to offer payment plans for every purchase, but in most cases we will be happy to do our best. When a payment plan is offered and a customer would like us to place a hold on an animal we will require a non-refundable down payment. In the unlikely event that something would happen to the animal(s) before the remaining balance is paid, customers will have the option of a suitable replacement of equal value or a 100% refund of deposit and all money paid.

Our Arrive Alive Guarantee

Our customers will always have security and peace of mind with our 100% arrrive alive guarantee. Our customers are guaranteed to receive only high quality, healthy animals, professionally packaged with fast and affordable shipping. All of the snakes we produce will always come with a birth certificate, full lineage disclosure, parental size information and photos of their parents. In the unlikely event that an animal does not survive shipping, customers will have the option of a suitable replacement of equal value or a 100% refund. We will simply require unedited video documentation of the unboxing to be submitted to us. So, we strongly advise always using a cell phone or video recorder to start recording prior to beginning the unboxing process, while being sure to record clear close-ups of the sealed box on all six sides in the exact condition it was delivered in prior to opening and unpacking.

The unedited video documentation must clearly show all of the following:

- The sealed package on all 6 sides in the exact condition it was delivered in prior to opening, unpacking and removing of the animal.
- The whole unpacking and animal removal process from beginning to end.

Animal Disposition & Temperament

We always recommend a two week "settling in" period without any handling or feeding once an animal has been received. This is to allow the animals adequate time to recover from any stress it may have went through during shipping and adjust to its new surroundings. We always highly recommend starting "hook training" on day one of handling and throughout the rest of the animals life. We only work with captive born, bred and raised animals and though we will always spend as much time as possible handling each of the animals we produce one on one and acclimating them to human interaction, we cannot guarantee what their disposition and temperament will be once they have been shipped and settled in to their new environment or at any time in the future. We will always be completely honest and forthcoming with our customers about what our experience has been with each of our animal's temperaments, but we have no control over if, when or for how long their dispositions might change and cannot assume any responsibility for any bites, injuries or any associated costs, which may occure. All exotic animals sold by Sinister Serpents Exotics are purchased on a "buy at your own risk" basis and we cannot accept returns or offer refunds for animals due to their temperament or disposition. It is not uncommon for hatchlings to be timid, defensive or bitey during their first couple of months, but most settled down and become very tame over time.


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