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We at Sinister Serpents Exotics are very happy to give our customers the ability to buy Woma Pythons online through our website with safe and affordable, super fast overnight shipping - nationwide. Though, we are only working with a small number of Woma Pythons at this time, that number will be increasing significantly over the next 18 months. We are also looking forward to producing some unique world's first Wall Python hybrids (Woma x Ball Python) as well.

Why Buy Woma Pythons Online From Sinister Serpents Exotics?

Our customers will always have peace of mind in knowing that when they buy Woma Pythons for sale on our website, they will receive only high quality, healthy Woma Pythons that are professionally packaged, shipped and delivered overnight to their doorstep with ourĀ 100% Arrive AliveĀ Guarantee! Before we place our Woma Pythons for sale online it is important to us that we spend time handling each snake on an individual basis to start acclimating them to human interaction and making sure that they have eaten at least a few times without any problems after their first shed. Every one of our Woma Pythons for sale online will be shipped with a birth certificate, a unique identification number and full lineage disclosure along with parental sizes and photos for our customers to keep for their records.

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Featured Woma Pythons For Sale

Our Woma Pythons are eating, growing and doing fantastic! They are rapidly approaching sexual maturity and pairing will begin sometime within the next year. We are very excited about all of our current and upcoming Woma Python breeding projects and we're looking forward to producing some world's first Wall (Woma x Ball) hybrid Pythons over the next couple of years as well. We hope you will keep us in mind and check back often.

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Blood Python Buyer's Guide


If you have never cared for a pet Woma Python of your own and you are trying to decide if a Woma Python would be the right pet for you, we highly recommend reading our basic guide before you decide to buy a Woma Python. Simply put, Woma Pythons make amazing pets! They make amazing beginner snakes, as they are generally very docile and very easy to care for. The best part is, Woma Pythons can potentially live for up to 20 - 30 or more years with proper care! As far as we know, there is not any Sexual Dimorphism in Womas like many other snake species. So, generally, males and females will be about the same size. Adult Womas can reach up to 8 1/2', but 4' - 6' is much more common.

Woma Python Care & Husbandry - Prepare Before You Buy A Woma Python

Once you have decided to buy a Woma Python, we highly recommend doing extensive research on the care, husbandry and genetics of Woma Pythons. Before you buy a Woma Python you should already have everything setup and ready for it's arrival before you place your order. You will need an appropriate size enclosure, heat tape or a heat pad and most importantly a good quality thermostat to accurately control the temperature consistantly. We also highly recommend having a digital laser thermometer to get the most accurate surface temperatures throughout the enclosure, as well as a thermometer/hygrometer, which will stay in the enclosure to monitor the ambient temperature and humidity. You will also need to provide a hide on the warm side of the enclosure. Maintaining proper temperatures and humidity levels are the most important factors for keeping Woma Pythons healthy. It is vital for proper digestion and shedding and preventing respiratory infections. Substrate is a topic of great debate in the Woma Python community. We highly recommend newspaper or paper towels over any of the substrates. We feel that it's much more sanitary, easier to clean and it eliminates the inevitability of Woma Pythons swallowing substrate during feedings and potentially developing serious digestive problems. If you choose to use substrate we advise feeding them outside of the enclosure in a different container.

Housing & Humidity

We believe that a Woma Python enclosure's combined length + width should not equal any less than the length of the snake. So, for example; a 4' adult Woma Python should not be kept in an enclosure any less than 3' long x 1' wide. The height of the enclosure is not that important, as Woma Pythons are non-arboreal and spend most of their time on the ground and in underground burrows in the wild. Anything over 6" in height will be more than sufficient. However, Woma Pythons are very active and they love to explore and they are a joy to watch, so lots of extra space is highly recommended! Fish aquariums with screen or wire lids are widely advised against for Woma Pythons and many other species, because they do not hold humidity. If you prefer to use a fish aquarium with a screen or wire lid it will be necessary to seal the lid with a sheet of heavy plastic, being sure to leave an area uncovered for ventilation. For display type enclosures we highly recommend either building or purchasing a PVC or plastic enclosure. The simplest, cheapest and most secure enclosure you can provide for your Woma Python is a plastic storage container with lockable latches. You would just need to simply drill holes across the front and sides of the tub for ventilation. We keep the ambient humidity level of our whole snake room between 50% and 60% by using a cheap, but high performance 9 gallon humidifer. When our snakes go in shed we give their enclosures (and the snake) a generous daily misting with warm water until they have finished shedding.


We do not recommend using reptile lights as a heat source for Woma Pythons, as they can dry the snake's skin out, as well as the enclosure. Instead, we recommend providing under-belly heat, such as THG heat tape. The heat tape should be wide enough to take up the rear 1/3 of the enclosure. It is very important that the heat tape is plugged into a thermostat in order to control the temperature. Ideally, the enclosure's hot spot should be 90 degrees fahrenheit. The ambient temperature of the enclosure should be between 79 and 85 degrees with a cool spot that is no less than 75 degrees.


As a general rule, one appropriate size rat every 7 days is more than adequate for most Woma Pythons. If they start to become overweight it is fine to cut them back to every 10 - 14 (or more) days accordingly. Womas can very easily become obese, so it is very important to not over feed them. Additionally, larger rodents are very high in protein, which in high amounts has been shown to cause Fatty Liver Disease in Womas and other species. With regards to prey size, our rule of thumb with most of our snakes is to feed prey that is the same diameter of the thickest part of the snake's body. Though, slightly larger is fine for Woma Pythons. Frozen/thawed rats are the most convenient and economical choice for Woma Pythons. Woma Pythons are notoriously amazing eaters with huge appetites, so getting them switched over from live to frozen/thawed rats quickly is usually not a problem. Before you buy a Woma Python, we highly recommend finding an online source for frozen rats and a private local source for live rats. We are finding that some of the major pet store chains will no longer sell live rats to someone if they know they will be feeding them to snakes and their frozen rats are ridiculously expensive! The wisest choice is to breed your own rats. One pair of breeder rats are very simple and cheap to care for and can produce enough offspring to keep one Woma Python fed year round.

Why Buy Woma Pythons Online Directly From Breeders VS Local Pet Shops?

There are many reasons why it is a much better idea to buy Woma Pythons online directly from experienced breeders than pet stores. There have been countless reports of emaciated Woma Pythons for sale in major pet store chains, as well as "Mom and Pop" pet shops. In many cases, the sales associates you will find working in major pet store chains have extremely limited knowledge or experience working with Woma Pythons. In most cases, pet shops aren't even able to properly sex the Woma Pythons for sale in their stores, so buyers won't even know if they are buying a male or female. Additionally, when you buy a Woma Python at a pet shop, most of them will not be able to provide accurate genetic, lineage or parental information or even a date of birth. This is all very basic, yet very important information that should always be provided when you buy a Woma Python. Simply put, pet stores buy Woma Pythons at wholesale prices from breeders then mark them up and they know very little about them. Their only concern is selling the Woma Pythons at a huge profit. When you buy Woma Pythons online directly from breeders, even the smallest of hobbyist Woma Python breeders understand the importanceof keeping detailed documentation of all the above information for their Woma Pythons for sale and take great pride in doing so.

Why Buy Woma Pythons From Smaller Breeders VS Major Breeders?

First and foremost, in no way do we mean any disrespect whatsoever to any of the other larger, well known breeders in the community with Woma Pythons for sale online. In fact, we have nothing but the utmost respect for them. Some of them are the true innovators and forefathers of Woma Python breeding, who have discovered some of the coolest genetic mutations in the world! However, there are some things we feel that people, who are looking to buy Woma Pythons for sale online should be aware of. Firstly, a lot of the bigger, well known breeders are mass producing Woma Pythons. Some of them have hundreds and even thousands of Woma Pythons to care for at any given time. There are a lot of potential problems that come with keeping that many snakes. For example; some of the most well known breeders with Woma Pythons for sale online are known to have mite infestations in their collections. If you buy a Woma Python with mites it is treatable, but if you have other Woma Pythons the mites can very quickly infest your entire collection. The obvious underlying problem with keeping such large numbers of snakes is that it is simply impossible to give each animal the proper amount of care, time and handling they should have before they are sold. One last problem we will mention is the lack of personal customer service. Try to communicate with some of the well known breeders directly or even just email them through their websites. Quite a few times we have done so and we couldn't believe how common it is for some of them to never answer their phones, return phone calls or even respond to an email to answer basic questions about the Woma Pythons for sale on their websites. When you buy a Woma Python from smaller breeders every Woma Python and every customer is much more personal to them. So, in most cases, you will have much better direct communication, much higher quality customer service and the snakes will have had much more care, time and handling put into them. For many of us smaller breeders, it will take years for us to even reach the point of being able to begin profiting enough from putting our Woma Pythons for sale online to cover our costs of caring for of our animals. Once again, we mean no disrespect, but please be aware that "big name brands" + "big name" prices definitely do not equal the highest quality in this industry.